3M 01171 Platinum Filler

3M 01171 Platinum Filler

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  • Special formulation delivers superior adhesion to galvanized steel and other substrates
  • Super smooth, creamy consistency provides easy mixing and spreading
  • Fast dry time offers sanding in 20 minutes and paint or primer in 45 minutes
  • Vacuum processing makes the filler virtually pin-hole free
  • Tack-free/stain-free resin offers reliable results with most primers, coatings and waterborne paints

3M™ Platinum™ Filler is a professional lightweight body filler with outstanding adhesion to properly prepared steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, E coat, sheet molded compound (SMC) and fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP). It is formulated with tack-free, stain free resin and offers long lasting results. Premium filler is compatible with most base coat/clear coat and waterborne paint systems.

Ease of Use, Excellent Results
3M™ Platinum™ Filler is a premium choice for filling small dents, dings, gouges and other cosmetic imperfections. Auto body craftsmen will appreciate its super creamy, smooth texture that mixes and spreads with ease. Moreover, the formula is vacuum processed to minimize pinholes for the smoothest possible results. Manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, 3M™ Platinum™ Filler delivers superior results when filling on many different surfaces, including many industrial and architectural surfaces needing minor repairs.

Tight Grip on Metal
Specially formulated with adhesion promoters for maximum adhesion, 3M™ Platinum™ Filler produces an unyielding grip to the surface, even on galvanized steel. 

Adheres to Primer or Paint for Use under Basecoat and Clearcoat
Platinum filler is stain free/tack-free and is perfect for use under basecoat and clearcoat systems. This resin rich body filler will “wet out” sand scratches completely and provide superior mechanical adhesion, allowing technicians to apply it to cured sanded 2K primers with confidence. This eliminates the need to sand down to the bare metal, preventing the risk of corrosion and re work. 

Applying the Filler
3M™ Platinum™ Filler must be mixed with a hardener before use (hardeners sold separately), in the amount of 2% hardener by weight. Following proper surface preparation, apply a thin layer using firm pressure to ensure maximum adhesion, then apply additional layers to build up surface. Maximum filler thickness should not exceed 1/4˝. It is ready to sand in only 20 minutes, and ready for paint or primer in 45 minutes. We recommend 3M™ Ultimate 2K Urethane Primer or another quality primer. Follow paint manufacturer’s instructions for finishing.

3M Science Meets the Needs of Automotive Professionals
3M™ Platinum™ Filler is ideal for lasting repairs on many different surfaces, including bare metal and allows auto body professionals to expertly recreate OEM appearances. Its superior adhesion, ease of use, quick cure time, and versatility all combine to create a premium body filler. This product is one of the ways 3M supplies scientific expertise to boost performance in the automotive industry.